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Learn English During Your Homestay in Cambridge

At Homestay Consultancy we want to provide students with the opportunity to learn English in the UK. Living with a host family and interacting with locals is a great way to practise and improve your English. If you are staying in Cambridge, we recommend signing up to an English course as this is the best way to maximise your English language learning. 

Homestay Consultancy Booked Courses

As part of our complete service to Students, Homestay Consultancy provides Language course bookings. The service and trust we have built up with Students and Language Schools has enabled us to also reserve English Language Courses with only the very best selected Schools in Cambridge UK. From beginner level to proficient, we have an exciting range of English Courses available in Cambridge to suit different budgets.


English Course Packages

* General English 20 from £355.00 per week (20 lessons per week)
* Intensive English 30 from £445.00 per week (30 lessons per week)

Students must be over 16 years of age. Terms & conditions Apply. This does not include the summer period or for junior programmes. Please contact us for further details on other courses or summer period.      

Benefits of booking with Homestay Consultancy

Free Course Booking

Homestay Consultancy will not charge you any commission on course bookings.

50% off

If you book both the course and accommodation with us we will also reduce the homestay administration fee by half. This also applies to returning students booking further accommodation (even if not attending a course).

Catering for anything

We can cater for all your course needs at any level. Further details on our English courses can be obtained by filling in the Quick Enquiry form. Homestay Consultancy can also book courses for individuals or groups.


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