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How do I book a homestay?

Just a few simple steps;

  • Fill in the application form
  • Let us know as much information as possible like where you will be studying etc
  • We will then send you a quote with payment information
  • Once payment is received we will find and book the best host family for you using your information
  • We then send you a confirmation with host family details including full description.

How much will it cost?

This depends on the type of accommodation you choose and the length of stay but current prices can be found on our Pricing page.  The minimum stay is 3 Nights.

If I am a student how will I travel to my school?

Most host families are between 15 to 40 minutes via public transport to the city centre or around 15 minutes cycle ride.

What about food?

If you book half board accommodation then your host family will provide breakfast and dinner during week.  There is also an option for packed lunches.  Any special dietary requirements will be looked at on an individual basis and we will liaise closely with the homestay to ensure requirements are met. 

How can I spend my free time on the weekends?

Most students enjoy shopping and sightseeing but also, due to the volume of visitor’s in Cambridge, there are many social events and venue’s to choose from.  Why not ask your host family as they will be a local knowledge of the area.

What should I do if I feel unwell?

You can contact your school, host family or an HSC coordinator who will help and advise you immediately. We have contact details and local knowledge of all medical centres in the Cambridge area.

Can I choose my host family?

We use our experience at HSC to do this for you.  This is why it is important for you to give us as much information as possible so that we can match the perfect host family for you.

Can I change my host family?

Of course, we at HSC want you to be as comfortable as possible during your stay

Can I get to know my host family before I arrive?

We think this very important for both students and parents. Each Student will be able to correspond with his or her host family either by regular post or e-mail.

How can I contact family and friends?

Almost every home will have a phone that can be used with pre-arrangement. Many homes have a computer and internet access as do the schools. A great way is to use a local mobile phone. HSC can assist you in purchase and have one ready for so you can call home when you arrive.


Do I have to be a student?

Of course not.  We get students, people doing work experience and even people coming on holiday to Cambridge that would like to experience something different than going to a hotel.


If I am a student do I have to book an english course with the accommodation.

This will be entirely up to you.  We get students who use us for both accommodation and English courses and some that just want the accommodation.

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