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Principles of Student and Host Family Culture

Host Families have a responsibility to the Students whilst they are staying with them. Both the Students and Host Families should act in a responsible manner to ensure a wonderful stay. It is so important for you all to join in together, and foster mutual respect and consideration between host family and student at all times.

Host Families will ensure the Student is safe and well at all times, including arranging for medical care if necessary. In such a case the Host Family will notify both the Parents and HSC immediately, and update them on progress.

Parents will have direct access to the Student and Host Family by telephone, but please get your Student to find out if there are any times when not to call (when the Host Family may be using the phone for business etc). Parents will also have direct access to HSC on their 24 hour helpline, in the case of any problems or emergencies. Please remember time differences when calling if the call is not an emergency.

All parties involved will encourage communication and cultural exchange.

All parties involved will demonstrate cultural sensitivity at all times.

Be responsible, communicate and leave messages for each other, know the daily schedule of family and student, establish a clear plan for communicating schedules, and very importantly, any changes (Leave names and numbers of friends if you go out with them).


The Student is guaranteed a private bedroom. (One Student per room), unless they have specifically requested a shared bedroom.

Laundry facilities will be available, but the student and the host family will work out a schedule for use, usually at least once a week.

Please respect your hosts views on smoking, make sure it is clear prior to booking accommodation, that you require a host family who have no objections to smoking within the home, or that you require a no smoking host family. This is for the safety and comfort of all concerned, both host family and Student.

Students should consult with their host family if he/she would like to have an overnight guest, or wish to stay overnight somewhere else. Parents should be aware and agree this prior to the Student’s away visit.


Meals in the Home

If your host family is responsible for your meals, they will provide you with breakfast and dinner seven days a week. If the host family will not be home for dinner, a meal will be available for the student. (Communication between family and Student will avoid any problems).

Food Storage

The Student will normally be able to store foodstuffs in the fridge or kitchen. Make sure you speak to the family to ask where you can store your food.

Kitchen Use

If your host family is not providing meals for you, you may use the kitchen provided that you respect the facilities and do not use any of the host family’s food (unless by agreement). You should communicate with your host family about kitchen use.

Eating out with the family

If the host family is responsible for meals, and by agreement, the family and student go out to dinner together, it is the host family responsibility to pay for dinner or breakfast.

Eating out with friends

If the Student chooses to have breakfast or dinner out with friends, the Student is responsible for paying for their own meal.


It is requested that the host family assist the Student to school on the first day of orientation or classes.

Host families are not expected to assist in daily school runs. Students could however arrange with them if they want to, but its not something they should expect. The majority of Students bus or bike to school.

Car-pooling by Host Families is encouraged. If Students know of their fellow Students staying in the same area, this may be arranged. HSC will assist by informing families in the same area, Students that could travel together.

Host families and Students will carry a bus schedule with them and be familiar with bus arrival and departure times for their particular route.

Host families will show Students where the closest bus stop is to their home.


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