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Host Family Accommodation for UK and Overseas Students


Homestay Consultancy offers guests from all over the world an opportunity to stay with a Cambridge local and discover a unique accommodation experience.

We offer host family accommodation to students, international students, work placements, work experience and as holidays lets.

Short term to long term accommodation (Minimum of 3 nights).

Single rooms, twin rooms, double rooms and en-suite rooms.

Host families can provide meals.  We also offer B&B host families for those who don’t wish to eat with the host families. Please see the Price Tab for more information.

We offer a 24-hour helpline for any emergencies.

Private Accommodation in Cambridge


The guest is guaranteed a private bedroom. (One Student per room), unless they have specifically requested a shared bedroom.

Laundry facilities will be available once a week including towels and bed linen.

Packed Lunches are available on request. Please see the Price Tab for more information.

Most host families do provide internet in their home.  Some Host families may charge this as an extra.  This is between the host and guest unless the guest is a student under 18 years of age.

Please respect your hosts views on smoking, make sure it is clear prior to booking accommodation, that you require a host family who have no objections to smoking within the home, or that you require a no smoking host family. This is for the safety and comfort of all concerned, both host family and guest.

Please use the booking form on our website to give us as much information about your requirements as possible, so we can match you with the perfect host family.  This will include any allergies or medical conditions.


Meals in the Home

If your host family is responsible for your meals, they will provide you with breakfast and dinner seven days a week. If the host family will not be home for dinner, a meal will be available for the guest. (Communication between family and Student will avoid any problems).

Food Storage

The guest will normally be able to store foodstuffs in the fridge or kitchen. Make sure you speak to the family to ask where you can store your food.

Kitchen Use

If your host family is not providing meals (B&B option), you may use the kitchen provided that you respect the facilities and do not use any of the host family’s food (unless by agreement). You should communicate with your host family about kitchen use.  Please let us know you wish this option before booking as some B&B host families may not accept kitchen use.



Eating out with the family

If the host family is responsible for meals, and by agreement, the family and guest can go out to dinner together, it is the host family responsibility to supply dinner or breakfast.

Eating out with friends

If the guest chooses to have breakfast or dinner out with friends, the Student is responsible for paying for their own meal.


Transportation for students

It is requested that the host family assist the Student to school on the first day of orientation or classes. Host families are not expected to assist in daily school runs. Students could however arrange with them if they want to, but its not something they should expect. The majority of Students bus or bike to school. Car-pooling by Host Families is encouraged. If Students know of their fellow Students staying in the same area, this may be arranged. HSC will assist by informing families in the same area, Students that could travel together. Host families and Students will carry a bus schedule with them and be familiar with bus arrival and departure times for their particular route. Host families will show Students where the closest bus stop is to their home.


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